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An Excerpt from Break The Cycle… 14 days to go!

Excerpt: “So he finally acknowledged something is wrong, but he didn’t suggest you should do anything about it?” My colleague Ruby is stood with me in the English office the morning after, scanning me for telltale signs of rage. “He flat out said we should leave it until Joe is ready to tell us what’s… Continue reading An Excerpt from Break The Cycle… 14 days to go!

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Announcing “Break the Cycle”

I’ll let the video tell the story… To keep up to date with me, you can follow me on all these platforms:- FB – Twitter – @SarahMichelleLy Pinterest – Instagram – Website – Tumblr – Amazon – Goodreads –

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They Loved, a short story

What follows is a short story of less than 1,000 words which I wrote for a charity anthology last year, called FRAMED. Here it is for your reading pleasure and/or pain. Thanks to Lisa Fulham for asking me to write this. *** She waited on a padded, velvet bench. When she emailed him that morning… Continue reading They Loved, a short story