About Sarah


Sarah Michelle Lynch is a former journalist who wrote a trilogy of science fiction novels while on maternity leave. In 2012 she took a deep breath and published the “Ravage Trilogy” which was later re-edited and became the UNITY novels instead. Sarah is lucky that some readers have been with her since the very beginning and have read all the different books she’s written.

It quickly became clear from reader response that Sarah has a flair for penning erotic scenes and so, Sarah took inspiration from real-life people around her and wrote “A Fine Profession”, a compelling and compassionate erotic read which a number of blogs went crazy for. At book signings readers often confess in a whisper that they’ve read this book – Sarah’s first erotic novel – and sometimes, some readers have even admitted it’s their personal favourite. Since creating Lottie, a character many men and women can relate to, Sarah has penned a number of romantically themed reads ranging from erotic thrillers to new adult romances, dark romantic suspense and paranormal erotica. One factor spans all Sarah’s books – they all contain complex, strong and realistic leading men and women – 3D characters which make for compelling, compulsive reading.

Some readers run at Sarah with hugs and kisses, while others shoot daggers at her for killing their favourite character off. Sarah can only apologise and say, “The story made me do it.”

Sarah loves nothing more than to put her feet up with a book and be consumed by a story, so in turn, she endeavours to give you all this and more.

You can find Sarah on all the usual social networks but she favours Twitter, where you can find her on this handle: @SarahMichelleLy

Sarah writes sci-fi as S. M. Lynch and has another blog here: http://smlynchauthor.wordpress.com


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