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FABIEN: The Vampire Serial – Is Now Complete

Book One Centuries ago Fabien was thrown from his coven for betraying the queen who had claimed him as hers. Leticia chose him for his sexual prowess and never expected he would fall in love with a pathetic human, something she couldn’t forgive. Cursed to live alone, Fabien harbours a small hope he will one… Continue reading FABIEN: The Vampire Serial – Is Now Complete

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Giveaway and Freebie!!

“You felt all her new and erotic experiences and your heart broke for her at the same time.” “This is one of the most interesting story lines I have read of an erotic genre read.” “This is not your average piece of erotica.” “A Fine Profession is a proper story and Sarah explores her leading… Continue reading Giveaway and Freebie!!

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♥ ♥ Cover Reveal♥ ♥

Blurb: In the final instalment… Fabien knows he’s going to die—he just doesn’t know when exactly—and even though he has the love and devotion of the new vampire queen, it doesn’t seem to be enough. He’s doomed. He’s spent a whole summer knowing it may be his last with Juniper, the love of his life,… Continue reading ♥ ♥ Cover Reveal♥ ♥