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Portraying BDSM

In my latest book UNLEASH, which I’m now almost finished editing, the heroine Kayla Tate has spent years finding sexual relationships largely unfulfilling. Well, until she meets THE ONE. He just happens to be a DOMINANT. I’m not talking about fantasy BDSM, I’m talking about the BDSM that real couples in real life engage in.… Continue reading Portraying BDSM

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☆☆☆☆Cover Reveal☆☆☆☆

FINALLY! Here is the cover for the last book in the SUB ROSA TRILOGY, Unleash: BLURB: Have you ever fallen for the wrong person – knowing they’re not the one for you? For Kayla Tate, pain and disappointment are all she has ever known when it comes to love. Is it that she never learned… Continue reading ☆☆☆☆Cover Reveal☆☆☆☆

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Some more new reviews…

The Sub Rosa Trilogy is one you’ll start and not be able to turn your back on, if the reviews and messages I’ve had from readers so far are anything to go by! It’s only a couple of days now until I reveal the cover for the third book, UNLEASH, and so it’s a good… Continue reading Some more new reviews…

women's issues

Breastfeeding: The Debate

This is a blog detailing something I feel passionate about—but for once, it’s not books!! It’s a women’s issue—and my books are full of women’s issues. Breastfeeding? What do we think? Which of these is your opinion? Yuck – lactating, abnormal tits on display. It’s weird. Why do mothers feel the need to do it… Continue reading Breastfeeding: The Debate