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I’ve been writing fiction for three years now and this is the first time I attempted November Writing Month. I admit I have been doing this unofficially because I have a couple of projects on the go and it was a test to myself to see what I could do when really pushed. Could I… Continue reading #NaNoWriMo – THE VERDICT!

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Writing for Men and Women

When I started out writing, well writing fiction anyway, it was because I had an idea that simply wouldn’t desist. I had to get this idea out of my mind and that was it. As soon as I began writing it out, it began spooling. I began to become an author. I never did it… Continue reading Writing for Men and Women


FIVE STAR #romantic #thriller… #FREE DOWNLOAD

We should chase away from what we’re scared of, right? Run as fast as we can. Yet some of us seem to veer toward chaos and destruction… Chloe sees anguish and despair lurking beneath the surface of Cai Matthews, the dark and dangerously handsome freelance photographer she meets on her first day in a new… Continue reading FIVE STAR #romantic #thriller… #FREE DOWNLOAD

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Rafflecopter Giveaway and Other Stuff

To win a signed copy of A FINE PROFESSION (I will personalise it and everything, albeit with words alone…) please go on over to my FB page and enter here. Even if you don’t use FB, you can still take part as long as you have an email address. In other news, I have just… Continue reading Rafflecopter Giveaway and Other Stuff

Writing experiences

Unofficial #NaNoWriMo Blog #5

So far this month I’ve managed to add 37,000 words to the pot! Woo-Hoo! How many of those are good do we think? I personally think a great portion! I am not sure if my future self will agree, but you know…! I had to have a no-writing day today because I had edits to… Continue reading Unofficial #NaNoWriMo Blog #5

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Guys and gals, I am currently writing UNFURL, the sequel to UNBIND. #NaNoWriMo has so far helped me add 30,000 words to this WIP. The following extract does NOT appear in UNBIND, neither will it appear in UNFURL. This is extra material, for those of you wondering about the content of UNFURL… UNFURL is a… Continue reading UNBIND CHAPTER 40 ‒ INSIGHT INTO CAI’S MIND

Writing experiences

Unofficial #NaNoWriMo Blog #4

Is this life? 😉 If I’m honest, I am a bit written out. Week Two and I’ve already accomplished this week’s quota of more than 12,500 words. I’ve accomplished this because the voices are noisy right now and one character wants me to lock down his journey and get it set. He’s running rings in… Continue reading Unofficial #NaNoWriMo Blog #4